Help Ukrainian People
Getting help to Ukraine is half the battle.
The team at For WellBeing gets aid to people on the ground right now.
Help Ukrainian People
Getting help to Ukraine is half the battle.
The team at For WellBeing gets aid to people on the ground right now.
Our Team
Founder of and Chief Experience Officer at Marketing For Wellness
Executives who worked with Alana call her innovative and thought-provoking for a reason,
in her 20+ years of leadership across industries, she's pushed brands beyond what they thought possible. When she saw the invasion of the country where she was born, Alana knew exactly the difficulties local volunteers and international goodhearted organizations would face.
She created Help Ukrainian People initiative. Alana brought together volunteers under to facilitate aid to people on the ground.
Tim Lavengood
Executive Director at Technology Innovation Center
Tim's current focus is launching the Technology Innovation Center at the Illinois Science and Technology Park in Skokie, Illinois. This is the only purely commercial lab-based incubator facility in the Chicago area. It incubates early stage science entrepreneurs generating proof of commercial concept data for reference customers, investors and regulators. This is the sixth incubator location managed by TIC and the second launched by Tim Lavengood. Just nine months after opening, TIC Skokie has reached capacity in its initial space and is beginning a waiting list.
Ella Salgenick
Board member at For WellBeing
Ella Salganik is a board member at For WellBeing where she dedicates her integrative wellness expertise and deep connections in Ukraine to provide valuable input to ensure that organirects funds where izn datio .
Has been involved in healthcare and Oriental medicine for over 20 years. Her journey into the medical profession began after graduating from the Nursing College in Kiev, Ukraine. Shortly after the graduation, Ella began working as a surgical nurse at the Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery headed by N. Amosov, a leading cardiologist and the inventor of the very first cardiac bypass pump.
Ella continued her career through development and implementation of a specialized Rehabilitation programs at a Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Center.
Irina Friedgan
Board member at For WellBeing
Irena Friedgan is an experienced finance leader with an eye for strategic opportunities and a breadth of experience in startups and Fortune 500 companies. Her expertise spans across a variety of industries, including energy, pharmaceutical, non-profit, financial services and aviation. She holds a BS in Finance and Accounting from DePaul University and an MBA from University of Chicago Booth School of Business.
Liliya Dikin
Entrepreneur, philanthropist, and senior Marketing Executive
Lika has been moving mountains in any industry you can think of with her brilliant marketing strategy and campaign development.

Born in Kyiv, when the war broke out in eastern Ukraine in 2014- 2015, Lika had organized a massive campaign, delivering 2,397 lbs of donated children's shoes, clothing, school & medical supplies to Ukrainian Orphanages. She's currently running orphanage/foster home evacuations across Ukraine, which requires immediate financial, logistical, and housing support. In her work within the Women's Leadership Committee of Israel's Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum, she knows just how many years the Kindertransport (1938-1940) took to plan and is imploring donors not to repeat that mistake in Ukraine today
David Kieve
Communications lead and community organizer
David seems to have connections in every community and city in the world, within a week becoming deeply involved with several projects helping Ukraine: from donations to individual volunteers to coordinating evacuations to bringing web3 to the rescue. Born in Kyiv, he has spent every day of the war directing traffic between the needs in Ukraine and the resources abroad.