Help Ukrainian People
Getting help to Ukraine is half the battle.
HUP gets aid to people on the ground right now.

Aid to Ukraine has a "last-mile" problem, getting stuck in big funds and taking too long to reach the cities most under attack. We guide targeted aid to a network of small organizations in the hot spots where it is most needed

Typical day of a volunteer in Ukraine. Very simple difference between volunteer help vs. big centralized humanitarian aid.
The night are cold, and the climate in Odessa in the spring is something to experience (and survive). And that's the south of Ukraine. There are more reinforcements in Ukraine's army than supplies. Assault rifles, Javelin, Bayraktar are all great, but they won't keep you warm at night. They need warm clothes, thermal underwear, even socks… and urgently. Most of all, sleeping bags. Sold out in all stores days ago.But at least we have tailor shops and material to make them from. We ordered 800, and even that's not enough. Can you imagine, 800 soldiers defending their homeland while trying not to freeze to death? But people are sewing the sleeping bags, 5-6 hours per bag - but hours, not weeks like with shipping it from abroad.

Compare that to humanitarian aid: some insane number of millions is coming into Ukraine, to some financial department, which processes orders (from all of Ukraine)... you can guess how long it takes for something to actually reach the soldiers (if at all). So many times, we order a sleeping bag and get a helmet — how is that going to help him not freeze to death? People sending me money (huge thanks!) can see how little is left on my account, it all goes to paying for sleeping bags.

Big fund money goes somewhere at some point, but our trucks go daily and not to cities, to specific coordinates where supplies are critically needed right now. Just because you read that something was delivered to Kyiv or Odessa, it doesn't mean it made it to the final destination. Ours does. We are the last line of delivery and first of defense. And direct donations to us is what keeps us alive another day to actually fight the invaders.

- Viktor Bayrak, on the ground in Ukraine

We use our logistical expertise and vast network of contacts to make an immediate and accountable impact with any humanitarian aid or donations across Ukraine. Volunteers on the ground are pleading for medical supplies, warm clothes, and infrastructure help as the cities and villages they lived their whole life in are getting bombed indiscriminately by Putin's army.

Yes, you can always donate to a big general fund for Ukraine. The funds are doing good work. But we are faster, nimbler, with better reach. Our members are saving orphans, delivering life-saving medications, and helping people get to a safer place to live another day. If you want to truly make an impact and save the Ukrainian people, let's do it together without delay!

Sadly, the need for help in Ukraine is growing daily. The members of our team cannot sleep while Ukrainian women and children are being bombed by banned weapons, are forced to hide in basements, many without running water or electricity. The people of Ukraine are brave and strong, standing up to Putin's war machine and propaganda. And in the world is sending humanitarian aid, though much of it gets stuck in the big funds who are doing good work but just not fast enough and not wide enough to help people in the cities hit the hardest by war.

Mariupol', Sumy, Irpen', Bucha, and many others are the ones who need help the most but where local volunteers often wait for help the longest. HUP has the local resources to distribute the most-needed aid locally and do it fast. Our combined professional experience on the enterprise level and in the start-up ecosystem allows HUP to put together teams that are effective on the ground now and for the foreseeable future. For Ukraine, that means setting up reliable logistics and avoiding redundancies while still being fully accountable for every dollar spent. For example, one of our team members is evacuating Ukrainian orphans, navigating legal, logistical, and physical roadblocks that normally would take months to overcome. She's doing that within hours of receiving a crying request on her cellphone because failure is not an option, because there are more orphans and families to save tomorrow. With local volunteers and with your help.

Join us in creating a better tomorrow for Ukraine's children, women, and men.