Manage Your Frequency
"Frequency Matters"
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Meet the Speaker
Kristin Mackey is a motivational speaker and author known for her high energy and engagement with clients. She was recognized by Training Magazine for her ability, and she has spoken for a wide variety of companies such as Lockhead Martin, the Department of National Security, and Hardrock Casino and REsort to name just a few
Kristin Mackey
Early in Kristin's career, she was distinguished as first among 250 speakers worldwide for excellence in teaching conflict management. Her career began when she helped execute an important broadcasting conference during FCC changes with Peter Drucker. Her company has been named by Training Magazine for Excellence Training Innovation in 2010. Currently, she lives in Florida with her husband, Paul and enjoys running, drawing, meditation, and travel.

Located in central Florida, Mackey's company KMackLLC is dedicated to people and culture. Their programs focus on the critical role of leadership during transitions as well as creating and sustaining remarkable, high-performing workplace cultures. They understand that managing energy is key to productivity and that clarity and emotional commitment always starts with a pen. They've been awarded for a 95% for standard of excellence in leadership by the largest resort on the eastern seaboard and have been a net promoter achiever for over 15 years - not to mention being a keynote speaker for the world class leadership company Franklin Covey.
Be a Contributor, Not an

Frequency Matters ™ - Book One

As part of the Frequency Matters (TM) book series, this is a friendly book on the power of true engagement. It is for the executive, leader and team member who desires to create and sustain a culture that makes a meaningful contribution. It is about personal alignment, collaboration and making a positive impact.

Co-authored by Shawn Herbig, who is Founder of IQS Research and brings engineering precision to social science problems, this book uses data-driven and insightful approaches to create better leaders, better businesses, and better communities.
You Can, You Will, You Did!
Frequency Matters ™ - Book Two

You Can, You Will, You Did! will revolutionize the way you implement your intentions. You are holding in your hands a SeminarBook - the subject of this seminar is YOU. With the easy style of a successful professional speaker and artist, Kristin Mackey takes you through an engaging process to identify, organize and implement substantial, lasting personal change. Whether you are changing your career, relationships, or simply rebooting your life, this combination of seminar and journal will get you there with ease.

This SeminarBook teaches you to be "the artist of your life" by applying your creative genius through a practical, productive filter. It is an interactive tool that guides you through the process of manifesting your vision and developing your own unique blueprint for life.
Manage Your Particles MASTER
Your Day
Frequency Matters ™ - Book Three

A soon-to-be released Daily Planner.

Enjoy free downloadable KMack Day Planning Pages in an 8 x 11 size to easily insert into a binder and A6 size for your planner binder.