Help Ukrainian People
Getting help to Ukraine is half the battle.
The team at For WellBeing gets aid to people on the ground right now.
Help Ukrainian People
Getting help to Ukraine is half the battle.
The team at For WellBeing gets aid to people on the ground right now.
Prevention and treatment of civilian health problems related to armed conflict, including
children, by deploying mobile medical teams and humanitarian and medical expeditions to the regions of Ukraine affected by hostilities.
Armed conflicts destroy families, children witness horrific events and experience psychological trauma that affects their development and adult life. Trauma is further exacerbated by disruptions of supplies of food and water. The diet loses its balance, and in some cases, people may starve. These factors affect the physical, mental and intellectual development of children leading to mental, post-traumatic stress disorders and food-related diseases.

The most common diseases are caused by nutrient deficiencies and digestive disorders (deficiency anemia, rickets, hypovitaminosis and hypomicroelementosis, gastritis and duodenitis, dyspancreatism, intestinal infections, etc.) Psychological trauma results inpost-traumatic stress disorders such as neurosis, psychosomatic illness including, psychosomatic enuresis (urinary incontinence), and anxiet, as well as problems with learning, attention andability to remember information.

Addressing these war-related conditions is difficult not only because of the violence, but also becausethere is a catastrophic shortage of doctors, equipment and medicines in the villages and towns of Ukraine. The situation is even worse in the regions directly affected by hostilities. In fact, people are left without the opportunity to receive the most necessary medical care.
One of the ways to solve these problems is to create mobile medical teams (MMBs) to conduct regular humanitarian and medical expeditions in the regions of Ukraine, free medical examinations, and assistance to people left without the opportunity to receive qualified medical care at their place of residence.

For Well-Being partner "Synergy of Life CF" created mobile medical teams with the necessary modern equipment to receive patients and deliver targeted humanitarian aid, which may include personally selected functional food, multivitamin complexes and necessary medicines.
Assistance to adults and children from families affected by the military conflict includes
the following areas of work:

● Carrying out complex diagnoses (the doctor-therapist or the pediatrician, the doctor from emergency situations, the psychologist, including children's, laboratory and instrumental methods of research)
● Treatment of identified health disorders, including chronic ones
● Treatment and further prevention of nutrient deficiencies
● Psychological rehabilitation (treatment), which includes direct work with an adult
or a child, his/her relatives and the environment around the child
Rapid deployment to the place of need
Carrying out diagnostic and counseling activities within the family
and directly with children
Psychologist consultations and psychological support activities
Carrying out medical procedures or manipulations and providing recommendations
for further treatment
Provision of medicines, including vitamin and mineral complexes, functional nutrition and
the necessary recommendations for prevention, psychological support, nutrition and healthy living
Remote monitoring of treatment and repeated follow-up consultations online
Re-visit to the site to monitor the effectiveness of the provided assistance