Help Ukrainian People
Getting help to Ukraine is half the battle.
We work with our partners to develop health and wellness programs for civilians traumatized by the war. And we raise funds for charities
in Ukraine to implement health and wellness programs.
Help Ukrainian People
Getting help to Ukraine is half the battle.
The team at For WellBeing gets aid to people on the ground right now.
Why Donate to For WellBeing?
For WellBeing supports local volunteers on the ground in Ukraine, who are able to obtain and deliver medications and food to those who need it most.
It takes just a few days for our volunteers to obtain and deliver packages with receipts in the form
of photos and videos. In this war for the free world, where Russians disregard both laws and humanity, micro efforts are most effective and direct.
Unlike large umbrella charities with high overheads, For Wellbeing is a small team of volunteers who
are focused on direct, meaningful, and impactful humanitarian aid.
Daily Reports from Our Volunteers
You Can Make a Difference!
Your financial support enables small teams and solo volunteers
in Ukraine's most devastated hotspots to work night and day
to provide help, especially for the most vulnerableā€”children,
the elderly, and the chronically ill. We focus our aid on them, funding small teams on the ground who perform the most urgent and impactful assistance. For WellBeing is dedicated to ensuring receipts, photos, and full accountability for the donations collected.
For WellBeing is Different
To United Nations agencies
To the Red Cross
To international NGOs
To Ukrainian organizations
In regards to other charities and the roughly $1.2 billion in government humanitarian aid contributions for Ukraine, 67% is going to United Nations agencies, 10% to the Red Cross, 7% to international NGOs, and less than 0.1% directly to Ukrainian organizations, according to the U.N. financial tracking system.

Less than 0.1% of $1.2 billion is directed to those who are conducting the most urgent work and operations. Ukrainian volunteers know exactly how to navigate the difficult situation on the ground. More importantly, Ukrainians know their own people and land. Our volunteers are using their personal vehicles to deliver aid. They drive as long as
16 hours to deliver packages and go through multiple checkpoints while risking their lives. We work directly with these heroes! Read their stories.
Real Stories Told By Ukrainian People
Please Donate Today
For the WellBeing of Ukraine and the rest of the free world,
please help us to help them. Make your own impact today.
Become a hero for Ukraine.